• To convey Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from door to door.
  • Developed the ethics & morality and divert the Human Resource (HR) to production.
  • Awareness to develop law and enforcement security measurement.
  • Awareness and remedy for reduce the corruptions.
  • Remove the social collusion and establish the mankind for social development.
  • To initiate any program for poverty alleviation to preserve human rights.
  • To engage in charitable activities and social welfare programs strictly on non-profit basis.
  • To promote & enhance charity on and among communities and peoples of Bangladesh and other countries of the world.
  • To promote, establish, manage, control, supervise co-operative societies, corporate bodies or undertakings, companies, financial institutions, banking companies and any other institutions beneficial to the people of Bangladesh.
  • To provide relief to the people affected by natural disasters and assist in their rehabilitation and development.
  • To initiate and manage awareness program or campaign.
  • To co-operate, assist, engage in joint initiatives with organizations and agencies seeking the goal of relief, rehabilitation and development in Bangladesh.
  • To establish, run and maintain private Universities, Schools, Colleges, Polytechnic Institute and other educational and research institutions.
  • To print, publish, and circulate papers, periodicals, books, publications, scholarly research and other literary works and undertaking as many appear to be conducive to the attainment of any of the objects of the Foundation, beneficial to the peoples of Bangladesh.
  • To found, build, manage and maintain libraries, museums, public buildings and halls, parks, playground places and recreation & other places of use the students, communities & peoples.
  • To establish, administer and manage endowments trust funds, and other benefactions.
  • To encourage research, investigation, invention, planning and development in any field for human welfare.
  • To provide facilities, to foster, encourage, secure, and maintain good and closer relationships and amity in and among communities and peoples of Bangladesh and other countries of the world through educational, social and cultural activities.
  • To arrange and borrow funds required for purposes of the Foundation upon such securities as may be determined by the Board of Governors.
  • To set up, acquire, purchase, manage and dispose of any business and other concern for the purposes and benefit of the Foundation.
  • To take affiliation from concerned authority for schools, colleges and university colleges on merit and establishment of the Accreditation Council for Educational Institutes countrywide.
  • To establish and run hospitals and other medical facilities for proper conduct of medical education and research and to serve the suffering humanities.
  • To work for women empowerment and to establish, administer and manage a service center for tortured women and acid victims.
  • Provide job assistance and guide to the student for their right career.
  • Remove the frustration of the young and energetic people by which reduce the drug and to make some presentation, multimedia, short films etc. for awareness of realization.
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