Special measures have been taken to improve the health and education of the beneficiaries. A health worker (paramedics) is appointed to provide routine health care. Besides, an MBBS (female) doctor has been appointed to provide weekly services to them as well. Beneficiaries are given free medicines from this Yunus Khan Primary Health Center. Besides, they have taken care of the pregnant and lactating mothers of the area. On the other hand, Jeebika-Chandpur project has worked on sanitation and safe water for their beneficiaries.

Objectives of  Primary Health Care Program:

  1. To increase the physical and mental capacity of the underprivileged and the poor especially women and children by providing health services.
  2. To ensure safe delivery, reduce maternal mortality and ensure maternal and child health by providing regular physical check-ups and health facilities to maternity and expectant mothers.
  3. To increase awareness of the target population through health education on reproductive health, nutrition, personal health care, sanitation etc.
  4. To increase the access of the target population to the public-private housing services and to assist in receiving the necessary services.
  5. Contributing to the achievement of health SDG targets in Bangladesh.

Services that will be provided at the health care Program :

  • A health center will have 500/1000 very poor families who will be provided with family health service cards.
  • One day in a week medical certificate and free medicine will be provided by MBBS doctor.
  • Providing check-ups and necessary treatment to pregnant and post-partum mothers
  • Linkage facility for consultation and low cost for various tests;
  • Referral facility
  • Conduct health camps at least twice a year with specialist doctors;
  • Ensuring emergency and first aid care through health workers.

Health Care Center Manpower:

  • One health worker (paramedic/mats) who will be responsible for the overall management of the health care center.
  • One day every week a female doctor (MBBS) will provide 2/3-hour medical care. A male doctor will provide the service if a female doctor is not available. However, two days or one day in a month must be provided by a female doctor.
  • Every week MBBS doctor will issue medical certificate to 30/35 patients.
  • A support staff and a volunteer will support the health center considering its scope.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Care Centers:

  • Prepare monthly progress reports and financial reports every month and review them through monthly meetings.
  • Prepare and review annual and half-yearly reports and plans alike.
  • To facilitate monitoring there will be the following registers, viz; Patient Register, Pregnant Mother Register, Postpartum Mother Register, Delivery Plan, Stock Register for Medicines, Medicine Dispensing Register, Referral Patient Register, Health Education Session Register etc.

Since the opening of this Yunus Khan Primary Health Care Center the following health care services are being provided:

  • Total patients - 8224 (Male - 615, Female - 7291, Children - 318)
  • Number of emergency patients - 56
  • Number of referral patients- 164
  • Pregnant mothers – 198
  • Sessions for pregnant mothers – 263
  • Lactating mothers – 430
  • Number of sessions for lactating mothers – 336
  • Provision/repair of sanitary latrines – 37
  • Deep tube well – 01