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Who we are?

Daffodil Foundation

Daffodil Foundation is to promote policies and undertake initiatives, which lead to the improvement of the quality of life of the people and that of future generations of Bangladesh. Daffodil Foundation is a non-government, non-profitable, non-political, voluntary and charitable society that strives for nurturing high ethical standards, equal opportunity, gender equality, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability formed in 2004 and registered with Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh under Society Registration Act 1860. Daffodil Foundation focused on alleviates poverty, eradicate suffering and accomplish sustainable development.


"Alleviation of Poverty, Eradication of Suffering and the Accomplishment of Sustainable Development"


Developing sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty, promote equality, and improve the lives of Bangladeshis.


A thriving Bangladesh where everyone, especially marginalized communities, enjoys a good quality of life and equal opportunities.

Founded: 2004

Founder: Dr. Md Sabur Khan 

Focus: Education, environment, health, and population issues affecting the poor in Bangladesh.


  • High ethical standards
  • Equal opportunity and gender equality
  • Non-discrimination
  • Transparency and accountability

Core Activities:

  • Providing practical, community-based solutions
  • Building capacity through research, training, and awareness programs
  • Developing realistic policies and advocating for positive change
  • Partnering with like-minded organizations, government, and communities

Benefits of Collaboration:

  • Expertise and experience of qualified professionals
  • Broad leadership and diverse skills
  • Deep understanding of Bangladeshi context
  • Commitment to sustainability and innovation
Our Activities
Daffodil Foundation is a non-political, non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of the poor people of Bangladesh. The main activities of the foundation are:
Daffodil Foundation's Microfinance Program provides interest-free microloans to help poor people start or expand their own businesses. These loans are typically used in the agriculture, small business, or service sectors.
Daffodil Foundation's Education Expansion Program provides educational opportunities to children from poor communities. This program provides free education, scholarships, and other educational support.
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Our Services

Daffodil Foundation (DF) works various kinds of social welfare since 2004. Our main target is to develop the nation and we have started our journey from our locality. All of the activities of DF is strictly controlled by skilled management and a dedicated team and all sorts of activities are maintained by the latest IT system. The source of funds of the Daffodil Foundation is the Zakat fund. 

At present, we are continuing various projects under Daffodil Foundation and the most highlighted project is Daffodil Scholarship (DS). DS is proving monthly scholarships to brilliant/talented but really needy students who are studying in various educational institutions in Bangladesh (as per need).

Under the educational program, we are proving various educational support from this fund, like— education expenses, admission fees, examination fees, university coaching admission and cost, book buying, medical cost, accommodation facility, motivation, free computer training, English training, etc. 

We hope that very soon we will open our scholarship facility for all students of Bangladesh and for that maximum work is already completed.

Development Programs:
The objectives of development programs are to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives. The development programs will incorporate the following principles of the development process:

  • The development process must put people at the center of its concerns.
  • The purpose of development is to enlarge all human choices including, security knowledge, income level, nutrition and health services, secure livelihoods, security against crime and physical violence, access to entertainment, and political and cultural freedom.
  • The development process must concern with building up human capabilities and using those human capabilities entirely for growth and employment.

The development process has 4 basics: Equity, Sustainability, Productivity, and Empowerment.

Daffodil Foundation (DF) will concentrate on its development programs through the following core areas:

Educational Program

  • Basic Education Program
  • Non-Formal Primary Education for Older Children
  • Continuing Education Program
  • High School Program
  • Children Education Program (my e-kids)
  • Scholarship Program
  • Development Program for Teachers
  • Library Program

Social Awareness Programs:

  • Campaigning
  • Blood donation camp
  • Donations in social welfare works
  • Tree plantation, etc. 

Medical Support Program:

  • Free medical advice by expert doctors,
  • Necessary medical treatment, etc.

Human Resource Development Program

  • Training and Skills Program
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Training for Economic Management
  • Customized Postgraduate Programs
  • Volunteer Experts
  • Internship facility
  • Job support
  • Vocational training, etc.

Environmental Program

  • Research on forestry and environmental issues.
  • Course on Environmental Science.
  • Integrating Economic and Environmental Policies.
  • Rural Development Program
  • Increased Agricultural Productivity
  • Human Skills Development
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Micro-credit Programs

Health, Hygiene & Nutrition Program

  • Immunization
  • Water Sanitation
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Family Planning
  • Nutrition

Community-Based Arsenic Mitigation Program

  • Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) Development Program.
  • Training and research activities.
  • Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
  • Access to Capital
  • Creating Better Business Environment
  • Access to Information Technology
  • GIS & Cyber Program.
  • Employment Opportunities Program
Upcoming Event

Daffodil Scholarship Get together -2024

Daffodil Scholarship Get together -2024

Daffodil Foundation(DF) is going to arrange a get together program 2024 like every year. The main attractive part of this program is Success of our project and success story of out Alumni students. everyone will be shared their opinion and experience. 

So everyone is invited to our get to gether program .

Vanue: Younus Khan Auditorium, Daffodil International School & College, Baburhat, Chandpur

Date: 12 April, 2024 ( After Eid day)

Time: 10:00 AM to 11: 00 AM

Calendar Icon  2024-04-12

Clock Icon  10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Apply for Scholarships

Online applications for 15th batch are invited from poor and meritorious students funded by Daffodil Foundation.

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What People Say's About Us

First of all, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for Daffodil Foundation's social service. Daffodil Foundation is a non-profit social service organization that works to make various poor and helpless people self-reliant through its zakat system. They also provide scholarships to poor and meritorious students.

I have personally seen the transformative impact of Daffodil Foundation's zakat program on the life of a poor and helpless person. With the help of Daffodil Foundation, he is now living a self-reliant life.

I believe that organizations like Daffodil Foundation play an important role in our society. They provide hope to the poor and helpless people in our society.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Daffodil Foundation for their contributions to social service.

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Dr. Mohammad Nuruzzaman

Group CEO, Daffodil Family

I would like to express my respectful appreciation for all the social activities of the Daffodil Foundation.

The Daffodil Foundation is an exemplary social service organization that provides sustainable support to the poor and helpless people. Through the Daffodil Foundation's zakat system, they provide training to poor and meritorious students and provide them with basic weekly donations and higher education scholarships in their lives.

I have interacted with the arrangements of the Daffodil Foundation and have seen the programs. And I have seen how much fulfillment can be felt by that donation and education scholarship.

Everyone should come forward in this kind of activity like the Daffodil Foundation. I wish the Daffodil Foundation all the success.

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Advocate Zillur Rahman Jewel

Mayor, Chandpur Pourashava

The Daffodil Foundation has been a constant support throughout my university days has been As it supports its students only financially No, their career guidance, motivation and necessary logistics By providing assistance, they are also successful in their answers i hope All the beneficiary students will avail this rare opportunity and to inculcate values within their respective communities . Will do the same

Testimonial Author Image

Muhammad Omar Faruque

Assistant Judge, Bangladesh Judicial Service