The Daffodil Scholarship

Daffodil Scholarship is one of the Main projects of Daffodil Foundation that is distributing scholarship among the underprivileged and meritorious students.

The fund of this project

The primary fund of this scholarship comes from the Jakat fund of the Director of Daffodil Group.

Who is eligible to get this scholarship?

Students who are meritorious but underprivileged are eligible for this scholarship. From religious viewpoint, students and their families having fulfilled condition of receiving the support of Jakat fund will be entitled to get this scholarship.

The process of getting Daffodil Scholarship

The application form for this scholarship is circulated once a year through newspaper and internet. After passing deadline of application students are to appear at an IQ test. Successfully passed students face two viva boards locally and centrally, result of viva board goes to higher authority and finally they declare the name of the students who are eligible for the scholarship.

Has the student any condition to get or continue the scholarship?

A student has to maintain the rules and regulation of the Foundation strictly. They have to maintain good result in their respective educational area and must maintain the religious rules and regulation. Scholarship may be cancelled/ postponed followed by evidence of involvement in any illegal activity by a beneficiary student.

How many days needed for processing Daffodil Scholarship?

After successfully completion of all formalities such as- application submission, appearing exam, facing viva board & declaring eligibility, students may get their scholarship from next month

A student may get financial Support in a month

Daffodil Scholarship aims that student will get scholarship from its fund and that must be used in education purpose only; Fund is paid to students on the basis of their social need and financial consideration.

The future plan of Daffodil Foundation

Daffodil Scholarship is one of the pilot projects of Daffodil Foundation and it is working for the development of the meritorious student and supporting the underprivileged family. The ultimate target of this foundation is social development and making the young generation fit for the present competitive world and to fulfill its aim and goal. The Foundation has been working continuously on it.