Daffodil Foundation is a non-profit organization in Bangladesh that aims to improve the quality of life for current and future generations. They focus on alleviating poverty, promoting sustainable development, and empowering marginalized communities. Their mission is to provide solutions to educational, environmental, health, and population problems faced by the poor. They achieve this through research, policy advice, capacity building, and community awareness. They are committed to social, economic, and ecological sustainability and welcome partnerships to achieve their goals. Their team of experienced professionals leads their programs and projects.

Motto of Daffodil Foundation

"Alleviation of Poverty, Eradication of Suffering and the Accomplishment of Sustainable Development"


  • ICT Outreach: Implement door-to-door campaigns for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) awareness.
  • Ethical HR for Production: Develop and instill ethics in Human Resources (HR) to enhance productivity.
  • Law Enforcement Awareness: Promote awareness for law and enforcement security measures.Conduct seminars and workshops to raise awareness about the importance of enforcing cybersecurity laws for digital safety.
  • Anti-Corruption Initiatives: Implement programs to reduce corruption and raise public awareness.
  • Social Development: Eliminate social collusion and focus on fostering overall social development. Create community projects that break down social barriers, fostering collaboration for shared development goals.
  • Poverty Alleviation: Launch non-profit programs for poverty alleviation, preserving human rights.Launch a microfinance initiative to empower individuals in poverty, preserving their rights to economic opportunities.
  • Charitable Activities: Engage in non-profit charitable activities and social welfare programs.
  • Global Charity Promotion: Promote and enhance charity globally, fostering community well-being.
  • Institutional Management: Manage and supervise cooperative societies, financial institutions, and educational bodies. Provide grants and resources to cooperative societies and educational institutions, aiding in their growth and impact.
  • Disaster Relief and Awareness: Provide relief after natural disasters and manage awareness campaigns for prevention. Like anti-drug messages, and career guidance, utilizing various platforms for maximum outreach.


To develop and provide realistic solutions to the major educational, environmental, health & population problems facing the poor people of Bangladesh.


To be a leading non-governmental organization in Bangladesh that is recognized for its innovative and effective solutions to poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation.